Stop Drinking Today

People can find themselves in the grip of one of a variety of habits, which they seem unable to control, from something like smoking, drinking or binge eating, to more deep seated compulsions. Using hypnotic techniques, I can help to remove habits with precision and with a total freedom from side effects.

*After 15 years of helping people with many types of habits and addictions, I have developed a unique method that will help most people permanently stop drinking in just one session. 

There is hope even if traditional methods have failed to stop drinking.

It does not matter if you are a good hypnotic subject or not because either way I can help you. 

I will use Hypnosis as my first preference as it is fast and effective, but for those people that are less susceptible to hypnotic methods I will use a process I developed which is similar to hypnosis but its not hypnosis.

Unlike hypnosis you will not need to go into a trance or have to bypass your conscious mind in order for this to be effective. It is a very natural process of changing your internal patterns and removing the inner conflict between the part of you that wants to stop drinking and the part that creates the urge to drink.

In effect it enables you to make a conscious choice, a decision to stop and not have any other part of you over ride that decision.

Anyone can stop drinking effectively.

*For most people only one session is needed, however if the drinking has been something you use more as an emotional coping mechanism then a few more sessions may be needed dealing specifically with the underlying issue that the alcohol is helping you cope with.

Only $300 - Painless, effective and no side effects - Let Me Help You Quit

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About Craig Homonnay

Hi - I am Craig Homonnay  - I have helped thousands of people overcome their unwanted behaviours, fears and all manner of emotional blocks using a unique process that combines Hypnosis, Resource Therapy and Regression work. 

I'd like to help you too.

I am best known for my work with cancer patients and people with chronic diseases, using the mind to reduce anxiety and relax the body so that it has a much better chance to heal.

Through my work in these areas I have developed a unique method to remove habits like drinking in less than an hour without the need for hypnosis in most cases. This method is also showing promise in other areas, such as weight management, smoking and recreational drug use.  

My practice is based in Adelaide however I regularly travel throughout Australia and am available for consultation world wide using Skype or Zoom.
I run many successful workshops and seminars, teaching advanced Hypnotherapy, Resource Therapy and Regression techniques to qualified therapists throughout Australia, The United States and the UK.
Why don't you book in for a one hour session and let me help you rid yourself of addiction?

Warm regards,

Creator of Habit Removal Therapy HRT
Clinical Resource Therapist and Hypnotherapist
(Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Inc.).

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