Resource Therapy is a Parts based therapy which recognizes that the personality is made up of parts. A part of you may want one thing, whilst another part of you may want something completely different. I.e. "A part of me really wants to buy that car, but another part of me wants to save my money for the holiday to Europe I've been dreaming about."

Sometimes our parts do not behave in ways we would like them to behave: "I know I shouldn't do it, but I just can't seem to stop myself from checking the locks everyday", or, "I can't stop myself from eating sweets". There are many behaviours people can find upsetting, yet cannot seem to stop from doing. Smoking and OCD behaviours are just two from a long list including, gambling, drug & alcohol addictions, cleaning, workaholism, eating disorders, and more. In Resource Therapy, the therapist understands that there is an underpinning cause, and that the part of us that is doing the unwanted behaviour is not the cause, rather it is the part of us that is trying to protect us from feeling the bad underlying feelings that are held by another part of us. Feelings that are perceived to be so bad that a protective part of us will do almost anything to prevent us from having to feel them. Even if that 'something' is a behaviour that we do not wish to have, like an addiction to smoking, or gambling. Often those bad feelings we are being 'protected' from having to feel are locked in another, usually fragile, part of ourselves that has experienced something that had caused it to feel either afraid or rejected at an early age. 

RT Therapists are able to support the part that is doing the unwanted behaviour while helping the part that holds the bad feelings to realize it no longer needs to hold onto whatever it was that caused it to feel bad in the first place. 

Sometimes people find themselves unable to perform in a capacity they know they should be able to. Like the professional tennis player who knows he is capable of brilliant play, yet finds himself unable to play at his best sometimes, causing him immense frustration and a fear that he cannot always be at his best when he needs to, or the business professional that has lost his motivation and confidence. When this happens to us, no matter what the incident, we may simply be finding ourselves operating from a part of our personality that is not the best part for the job. In RT we call this Dissonance. Dissonance is one of the 8 pathologies Resource Therapists are trained to diagnose and treat. 

Our Parts are our Resources. Resource Therapy seeks to bring normality to all of our parts, recognizing all parts of us as valuable resources that make us the unique individuals we are. RT is a respectful therapeutic theory and practice which acknowledges and validates the personality's needs for internal and external health and harmony.

RT provides detailed and clear regimens to respond to the causal factors that result in pathology.

When the causes of pathology are resolved the symptoms related to that pathology are also resolved. It is important to understand the precise parts of the personality that relate to specific types of pathological symptoms.

Personality parts are Resources and when a Resource becomes pathological the result is distress. It is the contention of RT Personality Theory and Therapy that some personality parts carry negative emotions (Vaded States), some carry out unwanted behaviour (Retro States), and some are conflicted with other states (Conflicted States). The precise condition of each pathological state can be diagnosed to understand the dynamic role it has assumed within the personality. 

Resource Therapy enables treatment interventions that directly address the personality part in need of change, quickly, powerfully and effectively. Issues such as, but not limited to, OCD, depression, addictions, eating disorders and PTSD can be treated and resolved in a fraction of the time spent using most other therapies, including CBT. Resolving the pathology held by a Resource State alleviates the causes of psychological distress, and frees Personality Resources to resume positive functions. 

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